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Farmer Representation

Farm Gate Automation

Direct Purchase from Farmers

Farm Gate Automation facilitates farmers at designated farm gates (locations), for direct purchase of farm produce from Farmers enabling both direct sale and aggregation of small produce-lots for subsequent transaction on KavsK Agri Produce Xchange,  a business platform for the producers and the consumers. 

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Quality Assaying

Quality Standardisation

KavsK Agri Produce Xchange collaborate with leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies to offer a wide range of inspection and testing services to cover the entire value chain, from commodity testing to quality certification.  Quality standardisation across the country is very significant in building nation networked farm gates whereby consumers can buy their agri produce requirement from any farm gate

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Facilitate Exchanges

KavsK Agri Produce Xchange is a holistic business platform that creates value by facilitating  exchanges between two or more independent groups, usually consumers and producers. 

KavsK Agri Produce Xchange, a Blockchain-based marketplace, is a peer-to-peer network that directly connect producers and consumers who sell and buy directly and transparently. Since a blockchain-based marketplace removes intermediaries, all transactions are traceable on a public ledger, demonstrating a high level of security and transparency. 

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Payment Automation

Spot Settlement and Transfer

Financial transactions like deposits, redemption and payments are automated and driven by the technology components of Blockchain, SAP ERP and payment gateway.  KavsK Agri Produce Xchange platform accepts a deposit in fiat and issues one unit of Digital Token for every rupee it receives. The digital Token is effectively an IOU for said asset of Platform.  By redeeming Digital Token, platform transfers fiat and “burns” the Stable Coins.

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Farm Gates & Cluster Infrastructure

Modernise Collection, Storage & Transportation

Farm Gate Infrastructure facilitates grain collection, pre-cleaning and weighment.  Cluster Infrastructure provides Grain Cleaning, Conveying, Drying, Grain Storage and handling systems.  The silos built out of GI Sheets (Steal) are fully covered and have an elaborate system for preservation of commodities. The most important features of the facility are as follows:

  • Central Control System using state-of-the-art PLC systems, for automatic operations of the facility.

  • High-end monitoring equipment for checking critical quality parameters like moisture content, foreign matter, live infestation etc.

  • Modern cleaning and drying operations, through sieves, magnetic separators etc. to remove dust, tailings and other foreign matter.

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Commodity Traceability

Visibility that Establish Trust

Traceability is the ability to follow the movement of a food through specified stage(s) of production, processing and distribution. Implementation of effective traceability systems improves the ability to implement verifiable safety and quality compliance programs.  KavsK Agri Produce Xchange traceability addresses through blockchain technology to connect participants through transparent, permanent and shared record of agricultural commodity produce information. The digitisation of transactions and data provides a more efficient way of working across the supply chain.

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Precision Agriculture

Monitoring optimise Crop yields

KavsK Agri Produce Xchange facilitates Farmers to geo tag their fields and monitor through site specific crop management based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops.  Platform facilitates weather data and provides accumulated temperature and precipitation.  Soil temperature and moisture are essential indices that allow the farmer to adjust irrigation work and prevent crop roots damage.  

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Quality Assaying
Market Place
Payment Automation
Storage Infrastructure
Farm Gate Automation
Precision Agriculture
Crops Inputs

Crop Inputs

Quality Inputs at Right Price

KavsK Agri Produce Xchange platform provides the farmer crop inputs (seeds, fertiliser, pesticide, fungicide etc.) like what it needs, when it needs and where it needs it.  Efficient and timely facilitation of crop inputs help farmers to minimise yield loss and lower the adverse environmental impact of agricultural operations

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Farm Management System

Improving Farming Practices 

Farm management system helps farmer engage in strategic, tactical and operational planning.

Present-day farm operations are becoming more and more business oriented. Farming is more than just producing crops, it requires farmers and landowners to address profitability, fertility, and conservation to name just a few.  The key to becoming a successful farmer today is being a good producer as well as a good farm manager.

Farm management determines how the farm-life will be organised, resources allocated and activities performed. It deals with various strategies and methods to keep a farm productive, sustainable, resistant and profitable.

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Farm Management
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